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Board games


Despite the growing popularity of mobile and computer entertainment, desktop products & ndash; always remain in demand. After all, imagine that you have lost electricity & ndash; in such conditions it is definitely not possible to play Minecraft or Diablo, and the good old Monopoly or Uno will save you from boredom in any conditions. But this is not the whole list of entertainment that our online store has. Here you will find completely different board games in bulk:

  • Janga;
  • Domino;
  • Lotto;
  • Action;
  • Educational;
  • Economic.

It is worth noting that our products can be further divided into categories by age, number of players, difficulty, field size, number of cards, etc. We produce both goods for babies from 3 years old and for older school age. But this does not mean that such products will not be of interest to adults. Try playing Who Am I? Irreality and 'Do it in 6 seconds' and see for yourself.


Just as our body needs food, our mind needs nourishment. Products for children are considered at all times the best way to develop physical and cognitive abilities. For example:

  • fine motor skills;
  • attention and concentration;
  • logic and parsing ability;
  • communication;
  • speed and responsiveness;
  • quick counting and reading.

Therefore, desktop products do not lose their popularity from year to year, being the leader in the category of educational products. Many people believe that the most interesting products are tabletop, and we share their opinion. Therefore, buying board games in bulk will be the right decision not only for an online store, but also for children's centers, hobby clubs, schools.


STRATEG is one of the largest manufacturers of board games in Ukraine. Over the years, we have managed to become a supplier of games in all large cities (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov), we have expanded our production and today we create the most popular games for children and adolescents.

STRATEG is ready to provide the maximum possible conditions so that you can buy board games in bulk at a profit. Our professional managers will answer all your questions about cooperation. And if you are still at the beginning of the path of creating your online store of children's toys, then we will be happy to provide you with safe and high-quality products and provide all the necessary certificates. We are convinced that children around the world deserve to be entertained with only the finest toys.

Board games wholesale are ready to offer many suppliers of board games in Ukraine. The competition in this area is not small, but as a supplier of board games and as a manufacturer, STRATEG compares favorably in the children's goods market. After all, our team is always ready to meet a potential client halfway, not forgetting that the end consumer of games is child.

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