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Sand slime "Nano slime - 0.150kg, assorted" (rus.) (71834)

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Gender: Хлопчик/Дiвчина
Changeable forms, plastic structure, outwardly similar to wet sand, but unlike it, stretching - this is slime. The Nano slime set (Strateg 71834) will help you organize your favorite games in the sandbox, but at home. It has unique properties - non-toxic and safe, no foreign smell, does not dry or harden, is not a source of dust and can be easily removed from any surface. Toys, figurines, castles - everything that can be fashioned from it is limited only by the child's imagination. It will help relieve stress, soothe a crying baby, contributes not only to the physical, but also to the intellectual development of children. The set contains sand of eleven different colors from which you can sculpt not only figures, but also letters of the alphabet, various three-dimensional pictures. Consists of natural pure sand and environmentally friendly thickener. The sand is packed in plastic containers and will be a great gift for a baby. It is recommended to store the slime and products from it in closed containers. Characteristics: Age: 5+ Material: sand, thickener; Color: 11 colors; Set weight: 1.5 kg. The price is for 1 piece.
Gender Хлопчик/Дiвчина
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