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Board game 30226 (ukr) "Grab me", in the box 20-20-6.5 cm

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Gender: Хлопчик/Дiвчина
"Grab me" is a fun game for children that will help them become faster and more attentive. Lay out the round cards on the table, spread out the sticky palms and place the playing field on the table. Players take turns turning the roulette wheel to determine which worm to catch now. Now everyone is looking for a card with this worm at the same time. The one who catches the right card takes one step forward on the playing field, so the winner will be the one who catches the most worms in the whole game. "Grab me" has another option to determine the winner, instead of the playing field, players can use game tablets. On each of them there are 8 cells that need to be filled with tokens (grabbed a worm - take one token). This game is suitable for family gatherings and will entertain both children and adults. Age: 4+. Number of players: 2-4. Complete set: sticky palms - 4 pcs., Round cards - 15 pcs., Double-sided tablets - 4 pcs., Playing chips - 4 pcs., Roulette with arrow, playing tokens, instructions.
Gender Хлопчик/Дiвчина
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Шукала нескладну та привабливу гру для своїх малюків, порадили замовити ""Схопи мене"". Дітям сподобалася, така барвиста, весела та проста. Тепер майже щодня просять погратись із ними після роботи. Хоч змогла відірвати від гаджетів.