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Slides & ndash; the most popular product for children of any age, which is presented on the pages of our catalog in a variety of options: with or without a smell, transparent or colored, with sparkles or with pom-poms and many others. This category of goods is at the peak of popularity, so buy slimes wholesale & ndash; a profitable investment of your funds.
Slimes wholesale from the manufacturer & ndash; these are treasured jars for every modern child, because they have a number of uses:

  • stretch;
  • curl;
  • throw against the wall;
  • watch the slime spread over the surface;
  • use as anti-stress.

Kids, playing with slime, quietly develop fine motor skills and imagination, and for adults and older children, soft mass helps to relax and escape from everyday life.
Now slimes are used in everyday life to remove dust and to quickly clean furniture and car interior from pet hair. Of course, after such tricks, you can no longer play.
Therefore, do not hesitate for a long time & ndash; order slimes right now for your stores and satisfied customers!


Consumers of each store are different, and their requests are also different, but we strive to ensure that our assortment corresponds to all trends, so the site presents:
* multicolored soft slimes;
* kits for making slimes;
* inflatable slimes;
* sandy;
* stringy;
* slimes series 'Mi-mi Slimi' and 'Dark slime'.

You can buy slimes in bulk by contacting our managers who will give you a presentation of the product and answer all your questions. Our products are certified, so when buying slimes in bulk, you will not encounter problems with low-quality goods. Observing all quality standards, our products maintain reasonable prices. Buying slimes in bulk, you will receive additional discounts from us. Let's make children and adults of Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Lvov and other cities happy together!

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