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Board game 30280 (ukr) "Smile tetro", in a box of 9,1-11,5-2,2 cm

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Gender: Хлопчик/Дiвчина

"Smile tetro" will be interesting to play for children, teenagers and adults. In this card game you need to correctly lay out the cards from your hands to create the most successful combinations and earn points. The combination is compared taking into account the color and smilies that are depicted on the cards. At the end of the game, players must count the points earned to determine the winner who scored the most. Smile tetro helps you become more attentive and smart, as well as train strategic thinking. After all, your new card laid out by hand can help the conditions for the victory of the opponent. Age: 5+. Number of players: 2-6. Complete set: 45 cards, instructions.

Gender Хлопчик/Дiвчина
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Мы с друзьями часто играем в настолки, и сынок просится с нами, но наши игры для него сложные. Искала настольную игру для детей, чтобы и малышам было понятно, и взрослым весело. Девушка в магазине посоветовала Smile tetro. Нам понравилось, играем всей семьёй. А цена и украинское производство порадовали ещё больше.