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Entertainment game 30320 (ukr) "You know what to do", in the box 18-6.5-18 cm

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Gender: Хлопчик/Дiвчина
Here is a set of games based on the series "Squid Game". We created the set in such a way that it could be played by a large company or two. You have 6 games that you can play independently of each other, or play to knock out players, starting with the first. Almost like in the series. "You know what to do" can be an occasion to gather a company that loves tricky tasks, but the set will also include games in which you have to think hard. If you play the knockout, the players' task is not to be the last in each round. But the closer to the last game, the more difficult it is, because there are fewer players. Only the top two will remain in the last game, and their intelligence will determine the only winner. Age: 16+. Number of players: 2-12. Options: playing cards - 110 pcs., Double-sided playing field - 1 pc., Sheets for envelopes - 4 pcs., Chips - 18 pcs., Instructions.
Gender Хлопчик/Дiвчина

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Много вышло игр по "Кальмару", но или они странные, или дорогие. “Ты знаешь что делать” купили, после того, как пробовали в клубе. Понравилась, ещё и стоит копейки. Сложная, тут надо подумать, так что просто “под пиво” в компании не подойдёт.