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Slime making kit "Mix me - assorted" (ukr.) (71854)

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Gender: Хлопчик/Дiвчина
plastic structure that stretches, but takes on various forms, is a slime. The "Mix me - assorted" set (Strateg 71854) allows you to make your own chewing gum for the hands of the required structure. Everything is very simple - you need to add powder to a container of water, wait a bit - and the slime is ready for fun! It has unique properties - non-toxic and safe, no foreign smell, does not dry or harden, is not a source of dust and can be easily removed from any surface. Toys, figurines, castles - everything that can be fashioned from it is limited only by the child's imagination. It will help relieve stress, soothe a crying baby, contributes not only to the physical, but also to the intellectual development of children. The assortment includes sets of various colors, from which you can make a slime for sculpting not only figures, but also letters of the alphabet, various three-dimensional pictures. Consists of a polymer and an environmentally friendly thickener. The slime is packaged in a plastic container and will be a great gift for a baby. It is recommended to store the slime and products from it in closed containers. Characteristics: Age: 5+ Material: polymer, thickener; Color: in stock; Package size: 8.5 x 7 cm.
Gender Хлопчик/Дiвчина
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