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Manufacturer of children's toys

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    Paintings by numbers

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    Diamond mosaic

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    Children hand made

    Children hand made

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    Quality guarantee

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    Настільна гра Strateg Хто ж я? Настільна гра Strateg Хто ж я?

    Настільна гра Strateg Хто ж я?

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    Настільна гра Strateg  "Прочитай та поміркуй" (30373) Настільна гра Strateg  "Прочитай та поміркуй" (30373)

    Настільна гра Strateg "Прочитай та поміркуй" (30373)

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    Настільна гра Strateg Sequense Сіквенс Настільна гра Strateg Sequense Сіквенс

    Настільна гра Strateg Sequense Сіквенс

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    Боксерський набір Strateg Боксерський набір Strateg

    Боксерський набір Strateg

Children's toys from a manufacturer in Ukraine

Picking up entertainment for the younger generation is a serious matter. After all, it is not so easy to awaken the imagination, inspire creativity, and teach useful skills. Therefore, the Ukrainian toy manufacturer Strateg from Odessa decided to take on this task. Here they created collections for different ages, interests, abilities, talents: creative kits for art lovers, sports equipment for active children, books for development and much more. If you want to buy cheap toys, contact the Strateg online store.

Entertainment games

To make the choice more convenient, toys for children are divided into groups:

  • creativity kits;
  • board games;
  • slimes;
  • children's creativity;
  • puzzles;
  • kinetic sand;
  • sports goods;
  • books.

Each category is a fun world where you'll find a game for your special child. No matter how old he is, entertaining entertainment will help you discover hidden talents.

What's special about categories

Creative kits are an art that simultaneously develops the desire for beauty, imagination, fine motor skills, and spiritual potential. The future artist will learn to play with tones if you choose paintings by numbers for him. They are divided into zones, the color of each of them is hidden under the number. Here you will find both exclusive and paintings with varnish and level.

The beautiful sheen of multi-colored stones can be used to create a diamond mosaic. For girls, this often becomes a stepping stone to a hobby - beadwork.

Board games are interactive toys that teach how to interact with each other. They come in different sizes, types, genres, series, for boys and girls.

Slimes are a good way to develop fine motor skills and relieve stress. They are safe for kids, but at the same time interesting for children of different ages. Many adults also like to wrinkle them, stretch them, watch the change in shape.

How to combine entertainment and the desire to create something with your own hands - look into the category "Children's Art". Drawing, sculpting, burning, painting, creating, making soft toys will be a child whose parents set themselves the goal of educating a comprehensively developed personality.

Logical thinking and the correct perception of shapes, colors, sizes are stimulated by puzzles. Kinetic sand will help you build a castle without getting your hands, clothes and floor dirty. Sports goods will be of interest to parents who care about health. Books develop intelligence.

Follow social media

Communication with customers is an important part of the company's work. So that you can learn more about games, latest events, participate in discussions, share experiences, ask questions, an Instagram account was created. Subscribe to the page and write:

  • What game did you recently purchase?
  • what did you like about it;
  • what else would you like to buy;
  • what stories to add to your creative collection.

Tell us about yourself, your family, how you spend time together. Thanks to such messages, each employee understands what they can do for you. Then the assortment will become even more diverse and interesting.

Subscribe to the Strateg YouTube channel. Here you will find details about the best products of the company. Watch the videos prepared by the team before ordering children's toys, compare them to understand the features.

News and promotions

If you want to be the first to receive the most interesting games, follow the company's announcements. Better yet, subscribe to the newsletter. The team is constantly updating the assortment so that your children receive the most popular gifts.

Promotions are not only an opportunity to save money on the purchase of a game. The company believes that parents should be helped to develop the best in children. Therefore, they additionally offer customers an online course, training in methods of education and motivation.

What the Strateg online store provides

The company sells goods wholesale and retail. Strateg is a supplier with which you will discover a diverse world of games. The work of the store is built on the following principles:

  • quality assurance;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • product liability;
  • fast delivery by Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta or courier.

There are special prices for those who want to buy toys in bulk. Those who are interested in trade for sale should pay attention to dropshipping from the company. This is a profitable cooperation without investing your own funds.